The Beautiful Disaster

This is where my boredom leads me :) 

My cover of Alicia Keys — Diary 


warsan in london. 


warsan in london. 

Proud of my heritage!

Proud of my heritage!

Men, Women & Chivalry

The Chivalry Survey:

Is It Dead Or On Life-Support?



Gender/Sex:                                        Age:                                         Race/Ethnicity:




1.      Do you think chivalry is dead? Why or why not?

2.      What does chivalry mean to you?

3.      Who taught you about chivalry?

4.      Can you give a short list of examples and/or acts of chivalry?

5.      What role do women play in chivalry? What can women due to perfect their role?



For Men/Males only

1.      Does every woman you encounter deserve your chivalry? Why or why not?

2.      What do you want women to know about chivalry?

3.      If you had to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, 1 being an individual who rarely/never practices chivalry and 10 being a very chivalrous individual, where would you be? Where do you want to be? And how do you plan on getting there?



For Women only

1.      Do all women deserve chivalry?

2.      As women, what is something that can be done to encourage or allow men to be chivalrous?




What is your final piece of encouragement to men regarding chivalry?



Playing my “Favorites” playlist on Slacker Radio

Playing my “Favorites” playlist on Slacker Radio

"I don’t think I’ve ever, ever really told you. How much I need you, need you more than my next breath. Never, will I ever leave you cause darling I need you, need you more than the next breath I breathe…"

One of my favorite movies :)

One of my favorite movies :)

Tumblr it’s been a minute!!!

Tumblr it’s been a minute!!!

Follow my instagram: adore_andrealanette :)

Follow my instagram: adore_andrealanette :)

Me singing Estelle’s Thank You. I don’t so good but this is something to help me step out my comfort zone so… 

Let’s see how many notes this can get before Michael Jackson’s birthday on the 29th August






Guys, MJ deserves more notes than this. Lets get it going.,

Your Love

I wrote this poem as a dedication to my pure and uncontrollable feelings that seems to always live for this individual in my life. 

Your love is toxic. 

I try to breath but your past hurt keeps me enclosed in a room, sheltered from ever really loving you.

I gave my heart at first glance, but it was my soul you needed to fight for.

Your too confused by your wounds to see the reward waiting for you. 

The reward?

It’s me, standing, ready for eternity with you. 

In the pit of my stomach I know it’s you I’m fighting for.

It’s your heart I want, but your too blind to see it… too blind to see me. 

Why do we let hurt keep us back?

Your love is dangerous to my health. 

I cringe at the thought of not having you. 

I’m addicted.

I said I’ll love you till the death of me. 

But loving you won’t be the death of me. 

But honestly, this is the death of me. 


Your love… 

                                                 -AndreaLanette 3/11/12